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Fender Pawn Shop Special Greta

Price per Unit (τεμ.):
€240,00 €200,00

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In the playfully diminutive form of a vintage tabletop radio, the Pawn Shop Special Greta model is quite possibly the most unusual Fender tube amp ever. In fact, nobody would blame you if you saw a Greta and, not yet realizing its true identity, tried to tune in the local weather on it …

But an amp is exactly what it is-a two-watt tabletop beauty with a 4” Special Design speaker, old-school VU meter with “clean to overload” indicator display and simple volume and tone controls. Its charmingly vintage-style enclosure has front and rear wood panels finished in bright red, gold-finished metal top and sides for increased shielding, “Greta” script badge on the front panel and tabletop feet. Under the hood and on the back panel, the Greta features a single 12AT7 output tube and 12AX7 preamp tube, with a 1/4” instrument jack and 1/4” line out jack (for preamp use with another amplifier). Greta produces a variety of low-volume clean and overdriven guitar tones, but even if you never plug a guitar into it, the 1/8” back-panel auxiliary input is perfect for iPod or other media player use, with great mono tube playback sound that’ll have you rocking right there at your desk.

Amplifier Length: 7.25" (18.41 cm)

Amplifier Width: 10" (25.4 cm)

Amplifier Height: 6.75" (17.1 cm)

Amplifier Weight: 8.7 lbs. (3.95 kg)

Speaker Description: 8-ohm 4" Special Design Speaker

Speaker: One - 4" Special Design

Total Impedance: 8 Ohms

Inputs: One - 1/4"

Auxiliary Input: 1/8" Stereo

Line Out: One - (1/4")

Speaker Jack: One 1/4" Mono

Cabinet Material: Metal Top, Wood Front and Back

Knobs: Unique Gold Pointer

Power Tubes: 1 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AT7

Other Features: 2 Watts of output power, One 12AT7 output tube, One 12AX7 preamp tube, 4" Special Design speaker, VU meter with “CLEAN to OVERLOAD” indicator, Volume and Tone controls, 1/4" instrument input, 1/4" line out (for using as a preamp with another amplifier), 1/4" speaker out (for using with an external speaker enclosure), 1/8" AUX input (for hi-fi tube amplification of external music playback device; Instruments may be played simultaneously with recorded music)

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