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TECH 21 Trademark 60

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Ενισχυτής κιθάρας TECH 21 Trademard 60

Two Channels, 60 watts.
Channel 1 offers a range of Fender® styles, from chiming clean to sizzling, saturated ‘tweed’ tone. The cunning Punch control sets the amount of midrange break-up and overdrive, and a Bite™ button tightens the low end and adds brightness. Things get way raunchier over in Channel 2, with amp sounds ranging from crunchy Marshall®, to gnarly Vox® AC30, to slamming Mesa® Rectifier styles. A Weep™ button increases the amount of even harmonics and thickens the sound. Its powerful and sophisticated midrange control, appropriately named Growl™, can produce brutal ‘scooped’ tones without any loss of girth or volume. The powers of the Trademark 60 are many. Experience how this soulful combo can work its magic like a tonal Tiki god.

TM-60 ADDITIONAL FEATURES                 

Master section features active Low and High EQ controls, master Reverb and Boost.

Midrange is individually controlled by Punch in Channel 1 and by Growl in Channel 2.

Top-of-the-line, full-length Accutronics® 6-spring reverb. Boost function, for solos, increases the volume level up to 9dB without altering your tone. Unique Link button connects the

Boost and Reverb functions to increase the size of your sound as well as the volume.

Headphone output, which doubles as a 1/4” direct out.

Multi-function footswitch (included) selects channels, activates the Reverb and Boost functions and engages the Effect Loop.

Utilizes any standard 1/4” instrument or speaker cable


Model Number TM60

Input Impedance 1MOhm

Nominal Input Level* -10dBu

Optimum Output Load 8 Ohms

Power Output 60W

Effect Loop Input Impedance 1MOhm

Maximum Effect Loop Input*approx. -6dBu

Effect Loop Output Impedance 1KOhm

Nominal Effect Loop Output*approx. -20dBu

Nominal XLR Output*approx. -20dBu

Maximum Power Consumption 120W

AC Input Power (Factory Set) 110V, 117V, 230V, 240V

Cycles 50/60Hz

Speaker Celestion® Seventy 80 Model #CT2112-8 12", 80W, 8Ω

Cabinet Dimensions 20"l x 11"w x 18"h

Weight 36 lbs

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